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Friday, 13 November 2020 10:46

Winter Camp Projects

Solar water geyser

It's an exciting hands-on activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the kids will learn how they can use sunlight to make an environment-friendly water geyser with no energy consumption.

Topics learned

  • What is renewable energy
  • Solar energy and its uses
  • Integration of solar energy into daily life.


  • Design and making
  • Hands-on skills
  • Team building

Room heater

Room/Air heater is a must to do winter project to keep your room warm enough with minimum energy and low-cost equipment, young makers will learn the making of the heater with their parents.

Topics learned

  • Energy conversion
  • Laws of energy
  • Real-life concepts applications.


  • Making of Air heater
  • Experiential learning
  • Cooperation and coordination

Solar bug

The solar bug is an exciting fun learning activity to construct a moving insect that powers up using solar energy.

Topics learn

  • Solar energy
  • Motion and its types
  • Basic circuit


  • Design and construction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication and presentation

Elastic coaster

An action-based hands-on project to learn about elastic potential energy, how can it be used in performing tasks, and how energy is converted from one form into another.

Topics learned

  • Elastic potential energy
  • Conversion of energy
  • Motion and its types


  • Hands-on skills
  • Construction of elastic coaster
  • Teamwork and cooperation


In doing the project of making a personalized microscope, children will learn about basic optical instruments, their importance, and applications in everyday life.

Topics learned

  • Light and its properties
  • Optical instruments
  • Principles of optics and light


  • Design and making
  • Hands-on expertise
  • Team building and presentation

Insect Pooter

Observing the morphology and movements of bugs is an interesting activity that helps kids to explore nature and its wonderful creations.

Topics learned

  • Morphology of common bugs
  • Bug catching techniques
  • Biological observation


  • Making of insect pooter
  • Skill development
  • Teamwork

Fun Chemistry

An hour to explore fun learnings of the chemistry from finding acidic or basic medium to solve the chemical mysteries of different magical tricks.

Topics learn

  • Chemistry of objects
  • Basic chemistry concept
  • Applications of chemical compounds


  • Handling electronic components
  • Making of circuit
  • Communication and coordination

Conductive Bracelet

An impressive hands-on experiment to learn about electronics fundamentals and turn them into wearable non-sew luminating bracelets.

Topics learn

  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • Basic electronic components
  • Applications of electronic circuits


  • Handling components
  • Making of circuit
  • Communication and coordination


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