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Saturday, 15 August 2020 08:05

Online STEM Camp Batch 6,7,8 Projects

Projects for Group 1,

Age 5 to 8 year

Vibrating robot

A fun-filled hands-on activity to understand the basic robot and mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants to learn about motion in a machine and its importance.


Rubber powered gun

An exciting fun learning project to understand elastic energy, its properties, and conversion from one form to another.



A worth learning hands-on activity to discuss air pressure and fun happenings of it, participants will make their own hovercraft from scratch to play with it.


Hydraulic crane

Hydraulics is one of the popular fields of study to learn about mechanisms operate with hydraulic (water with air) pressure, the project will help to learn about Pascal’s principle and its applications.


Paper circuit

The exciting hands-on project explores the basic concepts of conductor, circuit, and flow of electricity while making interesting objects and characters.



An electromagnet is one of the most thrilling activities for kids to learn about magnetism, its types, and applications in various appliances by making one for themselves.


Wind Mill

The interesting hands-on activity to understand energy conversion by making a windmill to turn wind energy into mechanical/electrical energy.


Air rocket / Straw and Paper Airplanes

These are fun-filled concept building activities to explore aerodynamics and its basic principles along with making and launching of rockets and planes.


Note: Kit box for group 1 is available on ScienceStore.pk and the cost is 2000.

the fee is 2000, total 4000

Projects for Group 2, 9 to 15 year

Saltwater battery

An interesting project to understand one of the oldest concepts of generating and storing electricity by using salt water solution with different metals.



Solar oven

A worth learning activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the participants will understand how they can use sunlight to make an oven while integrating mathematical concepts about shapes.


Solar Lantern

A fun-filled exciting project to explore solar energy, the kids will understand how they can use sunlight to make a lantern and benefit themselves during electricity shutdown.


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

An interesting hand-on a project to learn about renewable energy and converting wind energy into electrical energy by making a new type of wind turbine.


Water Rocket

A water rocket is an excellent activity for teens to understand pressure, laws governing it, and applications for daily life.


Hydraulic Lift

The hydraulic lift is an engaging activity to explore simple machines and mechanisms, the activity also explains hydraulic pressure, Pascal’s principle, its importance and various applications.



Fly above in the sky has always been men’s greatest dream and this project focus on the basic principles to make a glider and make it fly high.


Dark sensor

An activity to learn about basic components of electronics and combining some to make a dark sensor for smart switch, road lights and many more.


 Note: Kit box for group 2 is available on ScienceStore.pk and the cost is 3000.

The fee is 2000, total fee 5000

20 % discount on the fee for members and previous campers 


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