AI Family Challenge Season 2 presents by Pakistan Science Club

Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge

Explore and acquire AI applications and projects with NO coding experience.

Pakistan Science Club now invites you to the second session of AI family challenge now known as Technovation Families in winter vacations . It’s all about learning, play, and create with AI.
With the support of educators, community leaders, and technology professionals, families use AI to solve the problems they care about most. 


AI Winter Camp 2019

Lincoln Corner Karachi

Timings:  Friday 3 pm – 6 pm

Duration: The program has 7 classes starting from 23rd December to 31st December 2019 at Lincoln Corner, Liaquat Memorial Library, Karachi.

Participant Criteria:

  • Each team can have maximum 3 people, one must be adult, parent or Guardian.
  • Each team can have maximum 2 adults.

Age requirements:

  • The parent/guardian needs to be 18 or older
  • All children need to be 15 or younger on January 1, 2019
  • We have 2 age divisions. The age division of your Family is determined by the oldest child member of your team
  • Senior: As of January 1, 2019, the oldest child in the family is 12-15
  • Junior: As of January 1, 2019, the oldest child in the family is 11- 8



Contact: info(at)paksc.org | 0213-5052989 | 03453002870 online registration link Click Here

Why Technovation Families? (AI Family Challenge)

Technologies are advancing rapidly. Families from all around the world should be able to play an active role in future innovation. According to the study, more than 65% of children will be having completely new jobs with robots that don’t even exist yet. For the cause of competing with future, Technovation families program insist on,

  • Build lifelong learner mindsets.
  • College and career readiness for kids and their parents.
  • Learn and create together.

How it will work?

Each child (8-14) works with their parents to identify a problem and build a solution using AI technology. Families compete to gain entry to the AI World Championship. With online tools, families can build machine learning models to recognize pictures, text and more (like preferences).

There will be a total of 7 sessions (each of 3 hours) divided as follows,

  • 3 lessons: Foundational concepts (compulsory)
  • 4 lessons: Ideation (brainstorm and plan solution) Build an invention (Optional)


What to submit in AI Championship?

  • 3-minute video on your invention
  • 2-4 pictures with 20-word limits on captions
  • 2 required + 4 optional descriptions/answers to prompts

2 Pictures

With 20 word descriptions

●        Your invention’s dataset

●        Your invention (or a drawing of it)

Pitch Video

●        Must be 3 minutes (or less)

Invention descriptions

●        100 words to describe your invention

●        50 words  to describe how the AI in your invention works and why AI is needed for the problem

Be a part of the Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge Click Here


1st Session Learning outcomes:

More than 7500 participants from 13 countries around the world participated in the program with approximately 200 AI inventions submitted to the Global Championship. 6 finalist winners were selected from Pakistan, USA, Bolivia, Spain, Palestine, and Uzbekistan. According to the program post-survey, the following results are extracted:

  • 91% of parents believe their child has developed a sustained interest in AI.
  • 84% of parents said they were more likely to take action to improve their community.
  • 89% of parents believe their child is capable of creating an AI model in the future.
  • 90% of parents believe they know the prerequisites for their child to pursue either an AI or STEM career


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