PSC recognizes The importance of science as a crucial factor required for the progress of Pakistan and its citizens, particularly students of science and the urgent need to create a vision of science rather than a mere presentation of science in the present science education system.

PSC feels a necessity to work for the need for simultaneous support from all parts of the country and abroad for a better repositioning of human and material resources, Pakistan Science Club has been set up as a professional, non-profit, academic, apolitical, unbiased scientific organization of volunteers and working professionals which will devote itself to the tasks of:

  • Organizing, sponsoring, supporting and publicizing international, national and local conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, field visits, tutorials, meetings and dialogue.
  • Promoting exchange of scientific information, materials, ideas, values and methodology amongst institutions, organizations and individuals – be they involved in science or the general public.
  • Representing the nation in the international community and acting as a mirror and marker for the current status of science in Pakistan.
  • Providing fresh, up to date and authentic help to students through literature help, counseling, and advice in their research work and through the organization of discussions and seminars.
  • Promoting the use of common facilities that might be too costly to set up at individual level.
  • Promulgating the message of science to the general public through its media campaign.
  • Encouraging and disseminating knowledge throughout the country for the benefit and social welfare of the country and humanity at large.
  • PSC will endeavors to provide to students of science, crosscutting knowledge of the most recent developments in international science and technology.
  • PSC will also make all efforts in reflecting, through its activities, the status of the nation in science and technology and will give its target individuals a moment of thought over the degraded science system in the country.
  • To make efforts to produce strong collaboration among the educational institutions and research organizations in the country as well as different groups and organizations working with related goals throughout the world.
  • To provide a chance to its Members to gain first hand practical knowledge and exposure of the Members through its outreach activities.
  • PSC aims at providing to its Member students a chance to share with others their knowledge and research experience and provide to them confidence and encouragement for further progress.
  • To reveal the interdisciplinary character of science.
  • PSC is thematically geared towards the free dissemination and spread of scientific information.
  • The Organization also tries to popularize science for the general public. Our publications, monographs and appearances in newspapers will be a means to this end.
  • Try to build amongst its Members the values of tolerance, progressive-mindedness, democracy of thought and vision and the capacity to share with others their work and knowledge.
  • One of the ultimate goals of the PSC is to help Pakistani science and to undertake such projects at small and large levels that can be of benefit to the scientific atmosphere of the country.
  • Pakistan Science Club brings people from diverse disciplines together and provides the Members an opportunity to discuss their problems with working scientists and professionals and be enlightened from their thought.
  • PSC also aims at the publication of quality science literature – in hard print and electronic forms


Why join Pakistan Science Club?

 Most of us live in a money-clasped society, not speaking of the simpler individuals who prefer contentment to materialism. Personal success in finances is often considered to be the Reigning Monarch of our Sultanate of human values. There is a deep human, psychological need to feel that what one thinks or does or aspires for, is of value and importance, aside from the money being paid for it. This need for an inward satisfaction is engrained in the lifestyle of true science students and true scientists. There is no other force that may give them the enthusiasm to work.

Pakistan Science Club gives you a feeling of satisfaction. This does not mean that we are trying to take refuge in surrealism, for our safest haven is spiritualism and passionate bewilderment. We try to elicit the wonder and the thrill that belies the morbid attitude of our science education that is based upon inertia and the lack of excitement.

If you are a student of science, a hobbyist or a working professional in field of science then we may be the right choice for you. Our platform gives you a sense of participation, where you can partake of the trans-national feeling and desire towards scientific inquisitiveness, the sense of discovery and the élan of intellectual scintillation.

By sharing with us your worthy Membership, you can also share with fellow Members your research and your scientific ideas. We provide the platform to intellectual sharing and co-operation and also the springboard to further progress. Our seminars, conferences and workshops are an illuminating opportunity to learn and gain the fresh knowledge of science learners and science makers. This will give you the crosscutting edge over many others, the position of being better informed and possessing a wiser approach towards life.

Through our visits and outreach activities, you can inspire a working knowledge of human development and also observe the status of national science and policy-making. The diverse fringes of the scientific discipline that we try to gather, give you a broad based and tolerant view of your surroundings.

We provide you a chance to get your scientific renderings and written works published and listened to, by arranging special upon-request seminars and the publication of your work, both online and in print.


Joining the Pakistan Science Club means that you can freely participate in our arranged and sponsored activities and be a part of our working groups.

In addition to all this, we have been fulfilling many research requests and working on alternate sources of energy generation, currently working on wind energy and trying to make it more reliable and on biomass as well.

We believe that you, as a scientist and even a solemn thinker in any discipline, may be the locksmith of the many secrets of nature, finally fashioning a golden key that unlocks many closed doors and opens up infinitude of possibilities.

You can above all, become a part of the learning process by joining the Pakistan Science Club. Deserts are much outstretched than the oases. At PSC we are trying to distill the elixir of life. Come and inhale its everlasting relish!

Note that the Pakistan Science Club is not restricted for individuals of any discipline or age.

So, why are you waiting?

Join us now!