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Pakistan Science Club was born as an idea in 2007 and became a reality on 8th of August 2008 by the continual efforts of Mr. Abdulrauf who stands as the President and Founder of PSC, with Ch Qamar Raza as Vice President, Mr. Abdulqadeer as the General Secretary and Syed Mehfooz as the Chief Coordinator, with the rest of the staff under general hierarchy of the club.

The current situation in the Pakistan is that fewer and fewer of its citizens are being trained in technical/scientific backgrounds like scientists and doctors while scientific education in rest of the world like Europe, North America and Asia are on the rise. The amount of science being taught at the educational level across the country is dangerously dropping. Science in this country is clearly taking a back seat to the other occupations such as business, sports, and other disciplines.

To root out these problems and to work on a progressive level, PSC has embarked on a mission to make people aware of the importance of science and technology, its benefits and the nation’s urgent need for her technical manpower. PSC aims to target children till grade 12 and is also working to establish a research wing above the grade 12 level plus an awareness campaign year round. Also, weekly discussion groups will be held and lectures and papers will also be offered at different places after which discussion will be open for several hours. PSC aims to provide a scientific and working environment for the local public (students/hobbyists/researchers etc.) where they will be able to collaborate among them selves and other institutions via PSC exchanging innovative ideas and creative mindsets as PSC also looks forward for collaboration with other institutes/organizations.

The past projects of PSC include a humanoid robot, biogas plant, wind turbine, travel wind mobile charger, hovercraft, solar cooker, bio sand filter (water purifier) and a recycled plastic bottle solar water heater. The current research is being done in relation to renewable energy, mostly on wind and solar/thermal and recycling