The Global Online STEM Camp

Pakistan Science Club launches The Online STEM Camp

What is Online STEM Camp ?

The Online STEM Camp is a unique initiative to bring the country on one page for the promotion of scientific learning and to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The vacation is the opportunity for these young souls to be indulged in fun science activities and learning.

Why to choose Online STEM Camp?

The Online STEM Camp is devised to take the understanding of students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) up to a new level by warming them up in the summer season by trying something new, exciting and worth learning. Parents will be proud to watch their kids working on scientific theories that they study in their schools in vicinity of their home or annexes.

How does Online STEM Camp work?


The Online STEM Camp requires registration on PSC website . The link for registration is

Access to the Online STEM Camp

After registration, campers will get the access to the Online camp ( and can join the online live stream to connect with other science enthusiast campers.

Material List

Campers will be provided with the list of the required material of each project. The required material must be arranged before the beginning of the camp.  

Camp Schedule

The Online STEM Camp will be carried out for one week except Friday from July 02. Timing schedule will be as follows:

Will be announce soon.