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PSC Official

Website URL: http://paksc.org

Pakistan Science Club is here to Beat Boredom by organizing its 39th Summer Science Camp for kids and teens during Vacation starting from June 2019.

It’s an amazing opportunity for science enthusiasts and curious teens to have an incredible hands-on insight of various scientific concepts and principles from Biological investigations to robotic exploration.


  1. Exploration of scientific laws and their applications
  2. Robotics, concepts and implementation.
  3. Hands-on skills
  4. Fun Learning Science activities like:
    • Save the astronaut
    • Bristle Bot
  1. Competition
  2. Engineering design process
  3. Inventor Box for the individual camper.
  4. Scholarships for the deserving students


Comprises of three age groups Summer camp for kids and teens is designed for three age groups:

  1. Curious Scientists (Age 6 to 8 years)
  2. Young Inventors (Age 9 to 11 years)
  3. Robo Designers (Age 12 to 16 years)

Register online: paksc.org/camp

HOW TO BE AN INVENTOR Workshop # 1,  Saturday, April 13

Pakistan Science Club is going to conduct a series of workshops “HOW TO BE AN INVENTOR” These workshops are part of NATIONAL SCIENCE AND INNOVATION FAIR 19


•    In this 2.5-hour session

we will help you to:
•    Understand Creativity
•    An insight into the problem-solving approach
•    Learn to invent or innovate
•    You will also get an inventor’s manual to enhance your creativity

Students age 12 to 20, Teacher, Parents
Recommended for NSIF’19 Participants

Venue: Ejaadtech Adjacent Time Medico Office No. 2, First Floor Afzal Apartment

Time & Date: 3:30 to 6 pm, Saturday, April 13.

200 Rupees per participant

 visit www.paksc.org/nsif/workshops

 Pakistan Science Club is bringing an exciting challenge for the students of age 12-20 years to participate and showcase their novel ideas and projects in National Science and Innovation Fair 2019. Participants from all over the country are invited to present and compete their research on various fields of science and technology. The Winners will get a chance to participate in Asia's biggest international Science Contest CASTIC with more than 60 countries participating from all over the world. For more details please visit paksc.org/nsif

If you're interested in joining us in our mission to inspire a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative programs. Please send your CV and cover letter


Pakistan science club celebrating  First Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge Regional Celebration and showcase where families will debut their ideas for AI-based solutions to community problems.

For the first time, Pakistan Science Club in partnership of Iridescent bringing this learning opportunity to Pakistan at two different sites for families. The Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge invites families to learn about Artificial Intelligence technology and apply AI tools to solve problems in their communities.

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