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PSC Official

Pakistan Science Club successfully conducted 3 online winter maker camps, More than 100 families have participated. They made 8 projects that Feature various scientific phenomenon from engineering to chemistry, biology, and renewable energy.

Solar water geyser,  Air heater,  Solar bug,  Elastic coaster,  Microscope, Bug Catcher, Cool Chemistry, Conductive Bracelets.



Solar water geyser

It's an exciting hands-on activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the kids will learn how they can use sunlight to make an environment-friendly water geyser with no energy consumption.

Topics learned

  • What is renewable energy
  • Solar energy and its uses
  • Integration of solar energy into daily life.


  • Design and making
  • Hands-on skills
  • Team building

Room heater

Room/Air heater is a must to do winter project to keep your room warm enough with minimum energy and low-cost equipment, young makers will learn the making of the heater with their parents.

Topics learned

  • Energy conversion
  • Laws of energy
  • Real-life concepts applications.


  • Making of Air heater
  • Experiential learning
  • Cooperation and coordination

Solar bug

The solar bug is an exciting fun learning activity to construct a moving insect that powers up using solar energy.

Topics learn

  • Solar energy
  • Motion and its types
  • Basic circuit


  • Design and construction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication and presentation

Elastic coaster

An action-based hands-on project to learn about elastic potential energy, how can it be used in performing tasks, and how energy is converted from one form into another.

Topics learned

  • Elastic potential energy
  • Conversion of energy
  • Motion and its types


  • Hands-on skills
  • Construction of elastic coaster
  • Teamwork and cooperation


In doing the project of making a personalized microscope, children will learn about basic optical instruments, their importance, and applications in everyday life.

Topics learned

  • Light and its properties
  • Optical instruments
  • Principles of optics and light


  • Design and making
  • Hands-on expertise
  • Team building and presentation

Insect Pooter

Observing the morphology and movements of bugs is an interesting activity that helps kids to explore nature and its wonderful creations.

Topics learned

  • Morphology of common bugs
  • Bug catching techniques
  • Biological observation


  • Making of insect pooter
  • Skill development
  • Teamwork

Fun Chemistry

An hour to explore fun learnings of the chemistry from finding acidic or basic medium to solve the chemical mysteries of different magical tricks.

Topics learn

  • Chemistry of objects
  • Basic chemistry concept
  • Applications of chemical compounds


  • Handling electronic components
  • Making of circuit
  • Communication and coordination

Conductive Bracelet

An impressive hands-on experiment to learn about electronics fundamentals and turn them into wearable non-sew luminating bracelets.

Topics learn

  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • Basic electronic components
  • Applications of electronic circuits


  • Handling components
  • Making of circuit
  • Communication and coordination


Discover something exciting, educational, and fun learning during this year winter’s break, Pakistan Science Club offers an interactive hands-on science camp "Online Family Maker Camp batch 1" for young kids starting from end of the Feb featuring various scientific phenomenon from engineering to chemistry, biology, and renewable energy.

  • Age Group: 6 to 13 (adult supervision must be required )

    Starting Date of batch 1: To be announced
  • Days: Friday and Saturday
  • Total Sessions: 8
  • Time: 3 to 4 pm
  • Fee: 6,000 Including the Material cost and delivery Charges.

Discount: 15% for PSC members, Teachers, and previous campers.

How Does It Work?

Learn online >> Make at Home >> Share with us.

Who Can Join?

Parents with kids age 6 to 13

How to Join?

First, you have to submit the online registration form, After submission, you will receive a WhatsApp message for further procedure.

Need any Help You Call or WhatsApp on 02135052989 | 03453002870

Message Pak Science Club on WhatsApp. https://wa.me/message/MCAFZAGNJL6GK1


The certificate will be issued after camp completion

Paper circuit

The exciting hands-on project explores the basic concepts of conductor, circuit, and flow of electricity while making interesting objects and characters.

Vibrating robot

A fun-filled hands-on activity to understand the basic robot and mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants to learn about motion in a machine and its importance.

Instructor: Sana Mehmood

Topic: Vibrating Robot

Recorded date: 19 Sep 2020

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