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inspires a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative programs
Abdul Rauf
CEO of Pakistan Science Club

Science Talent Search

Popularization of Science and Technology by organizing different science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs and competition at school, college or university levels that aims to Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan .

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  • Pakistan Science Club is organizing a worth learning astronomy night in collaboration with the Dreamworld for families. The stargazing activity, explanation, and observation are completely free of cost, and if you want to attend a telescope-making workshop then you can register for it by paying only its material fee. The workshop is for children from age 7 to 14 in which participants will learn to make their own telescope. for more details visit paksc.org/an
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Membership Criteria

The main criteria for joining Pakistan Science Club is the passion that one has for science and technology We don’t require any person to be of any background or to hold any degree in any field They just need to have that passion, love and desire for science and technology If you have this in you, consider your self a part of Pakistan Science Club. Read more about Membership Criteria

Research Center

These science passionate students are nurture at our platform and Research Center "C-189LAB" where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources. Ongoing Research projects GoGreen, Solar water distiller, Biogas Plant, Aquaponics


DIY Projects and Innovations
  • VAWT Wind turbine
  • Smart solar system
  • Solar Distiller
  • Exoskeleton

STEM Activities and Projects Resources for Teachers and Students

DIY Microscope

In doing the project of making a personalized DIY microscope, children will learn about basic optical instruments, their importance, and their applications in everyday life.

let's Make

Solar car

In this project, you can learn how to make a solar car using basic techniques. This project is great for a makerspace or mechanical engineering challenge at school, library, or home.

let's Make

STEAM Resources, Science Experiments and Projects by PSC PSC Do Science

During the global pandemic, self-isolation, and despair, Pakistan Science Club was determined to provide quality time to young ones and teens. Since Pakistan Science Club has been organizing multiple Summer Science camps for children every year during summer vacations but the previous year brought a lot more challenges. Online Summer Camp was the answer and to execute such hands-on activities remotely was not easy and the task couldn’t be completed with the cooperation of parents and guardians, so instead of involving just children, parents were also invited to join and this made the first-ever Family STEM Summer Camp.

It was not only fun learning and engaging experience for kids of different age groups but adults and guardians also enjoyed it with their children. Nine online camps from April 2020 to January 2021 were conducted, each with a duration of 15 days and 8 hands-on projects. Students of age group 8 to 14 were enrolled accompanied by their parents and guardians.

Five initial camps had no registration fees and were completely sponsored by ECO Science Foundation. For the first batch, material and basic tool lists of each project were provided to the participants prior to the start as due to strict restrictions couldn’t provide them kits, for the second batch after ease in lockdown, PSC also provided a material kit to participants as well. Each session was of 60-75 minutes and was conducted live from PSC studio on the PSC YouTube channel, this included basic theory, concept and step-by-step making of the project. The video later uploaded to the PSC channel and participant’s portal for those who missed and couldn’t complete it, online Q/A sessions were also conducted to discuss the queries.

Approximately 660 families (2000 participants) participated in the online camps from different parts of Pakistan and also from UAE. India and Saudi Arabia etc. The activities designed were helpful in explaining the fundamental concepts, laws, and applications of various scientific and engineering phenomenon. The participants also learned to develop 21st-century hands-on skills, team working and cooperation along with exploration. Families with great zeal and shared their work on PSC Facebook page and Online Community. The camps also got coverage from both national and international media BBC Urdu showing that how the quarantine be used for skill-building and learning new things.

Since the COVID’19 continues to affect the children’s academics and extra-curricular, Pakistan Science Club is determined to present all-new exciting hands-on activities for the all-new Online Summer Camps that will not only help students to be engaged creatively to learn academic science in a better way but the young scientists will also explore various interesting phenomena with fun. Each camp will be of 2 weeks and will comprise of 7 sessions/projects via Zoom and PSC YouTube channel.

The camp is based on an awe-inspiring theme of “Electricity and Magnetism”, young makers will have interactive sessions on how to generate electricity, the relation between electricity and magnetism, and its wonderful applications. There will be step by step how-to-do guidance from our experts, conceptual explanation and participants can ask queries during it.  All participants' project pictures will be shared to our social media and website. material box will be provided by PSC onine shop Sciencestore.pk

Some amazing example projects are,

  • Antigravity pencil
  • Electric motor
  • Automatic swing
  • Tesla Tower
  • Shake Generator
  • Electric Telegraph / Morse Code
  • Summer Special Project 
Our Collaborators
PSC is associated with a large number of science national and international societies and organizations with mutual understandings for the promotion and popularization of science in Pakistan and across the globe. These include different world renowned institutions and universities in Pakistan, these are: