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Robot Chef Could Be A Reality As Soon As 2018 A team of experts in the UK are in the…
Make your own interesting levitation on a small scale. Using magnets to simulate anti-gravity.
Clean water by Germs-killing book pages Dr Teri Dankovich have developed a book page contain nanoparticles of silver or copper,…
Ricardo Azevedo was frustrated with the ever increasing price of gas. So he used his skills as a mechanic and…
 Qazi Tofail and his brother Qazi Sajjad have successfully made an ultralight helicopter. They are belong to Peshawar and also…
japanese mini Segway "WalkCar: Japanese engineer develops world's first 'car in a bag'
Amazing experiment with Sound See how sound can be made to manifest itself in the physical world.


Water Rocket Challenge 2017

PSC Announces All Karachi  Water Rocket Challenge 2017

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