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Eco-Friendly Weight-Lifting Machine is a futuristic sustainable idea in which a user will generate electricity during workouts.
Homemade Spider robot by Hamza Member of PSC Hamza Khan student of class 9th build a homemade Spider robot
Two taipei girls Monique Hsu and Gina Wang designed a device that can accurately identifies 2 liquids with the differences…
Fun Time with Wind Powered Skateboard, Recently we design Wind blades out of PVC pipe and test with drill machine,…
Multirotor Ariel Robotics Contest (MARC) introductory workshop conducted by Suparco, Trainer Rana Waqar sharing his views about session and demonstration.
 Design the Powered Armour from the 1959 science fiction novel Starship Troopers with the intention that the suit could be…
Grade 8 students invent Smart Baby Cart (News URDU) Students of pak turk school and collage invent smart baby cart…


Water Rocket Challenge 2017

PSC Announces All Karachi  Water Rocket Challenge 2017

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