DIY Do-it yourself projects homemade gadgets , tools & instruments Video Tutorial

DIY Do-it yourself projects videos about homemade gadgets , tools, instruments, devices, appliances ,etc which are so expansive can be made by your own by learn from this channel.

 Video tutorial of water rocket launcher This is video tutorial of water rocket launcher This tutorial will guide you through…
Wow To Make Rubber Band Powered Helicopter Making of Rubber Band Powered Helicopter is always being great fun and worth…
DIY (Do it yourself ) Project of the week is permanent magnet AC generator from old hard disk drive magnets…
DIY Project Video Tutorial: Simple hologram made by member of Pakistan science club by Hamza Ibraheem. He used CD's case…
Make your own interesting levitation on a small scale. Using magnets to simulate anti-gravity.
3 Simple Tricks to Increase Your Mobile Phone Charger's Life
Video tutorial of How to build Wireless electricity transmitter/reciver by Pakistan Science Club read more


Water Rocket Challenge 2017

PSC Announces All Karachi  Water Rocket Challenge 2017

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