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Electromagnetism, Experiment 3 Clip motor | Physics Experiment

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Experiment3: Clip motor


Enamel coated copper wire, Metal paper clip (2), 1.5 volt dry cell, Bar magnet, Scotch tape, Sand paper,




(1) Make a coil having 5-6 turns by winding wire on your finger or board marker etc. Coil may be circular or elliptical or rectangular shape having diameter of about 1.5 cm – 2.0 cm. (Fig.5)

(2) Leave 4 cm of wire on each side.

(3) Using sandpaper or cutter knife remove the enamel of one end of coil completely. And remove the
enamel of upper face of the other.

(4) Unfold the two paper clips. Attach them tightly on the two ends of a dry cell using vinyl tape. (Fig.6)

(5) Bring the magnet near the assembly of coil – clips and dry cell. (Fig.7) Fig.6

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