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DoScience is Project of Pakistan Science club

Offer free Hands-on Science Activities, DIY Project, Experiments Resources for Teacher and Students best Science club activities and award wining science fair projects.

Best Download Physics Experiments ( PDF) and Links

Download Physics Experiments ( PDF) and DOScience! links

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[PDF]Interesting and inexpensive experiments for high school

[PDF]Science Fair Fun: Designing Environmental Science Projects

[PDF]Hovercraft Science Fair Project Guidebook

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  1. Electric current and magnetism
  2. Mutual induction
  3. Handmade electric bulb
  4. Static electricity
  5. Let's make the rainbow
  6. Atomospheric pressure
  7. Surface tension
  8. Bernoulli's theorem
  9. Standing on the paper cup
  10. Principle of Force
  11. Third Law of Motion
  12. Force and Motion
  13. Work, Power and Energy
  14. Potential Energy and Kineteic Energy
  15. Air flow
  16. Circuits and Resistance
  17. Electric Current and Heat
  18. Electromagnetism
  19. Battery Holder
  20. Camera Model
  21. Can Spectroscope
  22. CD Spectroscope
  23. Conductivity Tester
  24. Curious Container
  25. Curious Cup
  26. Heron's Fountain
  27. LED Display
  28. Light Wavelength
  29. Loop Coil
  30. Magdeburg Hemispheres
  31. Rubber Sucker
  32. Rubber Band Guitar
  33. Balloon in a Flask
  34. Turntable for Electrostatics
  35. Vacuum Pump
  36. Water Prism