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Abdul - Google+

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 13:21

How to make Cotton candy

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When sugar is heated, it becomes a liquid caramel. If you continue to heat, the sugar burns out. When caramel is pushed out from tiny holes to the outside by using the centrifugal force, the cotton candy
can be made.   The cotton candy making machine can be made with easy available materials.


tea strainer of metal, motor, wire, spirit lamp, pin, adhesive tape, rubber t ube, aluminum plate, dry battery, conducting wire, cardboard box, and crystallized sugar


  1. Cut the aluminum plate as like the gear wheel for the tea strainer lid, and the hole for putting sugar is made, too.
  2. Bend two places on the tea strainer grip.
  3. The pin and the rubber tube are pu t up to the axis of the motor.
  4. The connection of the motor and the tea strainer is made from the wire.
  5. The spirit lamp is put in the cardboard box and ignited.
  6. The crystallized sugar is  put in the tea strainer.
  7. The motor is connected to the dry battery after heating s ugar with the spirit lamp for a while.
Cotton candy making
part of rotor
the joint of motor
Cotton candy making diagram


good Cotton candy making
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1 comment

  • Comment Link Thursday, 12 July 2012 15:10 posted by waqas

    very nice .

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