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Deoxidation of carbon dioxide

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Deoxidation of carbon dioxide Deoxidation of carbon dioxide Pakistan Science Club


When an organic compound burns, carbon dioxide is produced. The property of the carbon dioxide is no combustion. It is used for the gas of extinguisher. Most materials are extinguished in the carbon dioxide gas.
However, magnesium takes oxygen from carbon dioxide and burns. Students are learning that  materials don't burn in carbon dioxide. It could be surpri se for students there is a material that can burn in carbon dioxide.   The concept of oxidation can be easily understood in the usual combustion. Not only oxidation but also eoxidation can be studied  in this experiment.

limestone, dilute hydrochloric acid, magnesium ribbon, PET bottle, straw, clay, water, glass vessel, and deflagating spoon


  1. The hole is made in the cap of the PET bottle. The straw is passed through this hole.Surroundings of the hole are shielded with clay.
  2. The limestone is crushed to the sma ll pieces and is put in the PET bottle. Put some dilute hydrochloric acid and carbon dioxide is produced.
  3. A little water is put in the glass vessel.Carbon dioxide is poured in the glass vessel.The mouth of the glass vessel is covered with paper.
  4. A small piece of magnesium ribbon is tied to the deflagating spoon. The magnesium ribbon is ignited. Magnesium is put in the carbon dioxide of the glass vessel.


The carbon deoxized from carbon dioxide is produced a little in  this reaction.You should carefully obse rve it in the water of the glass vessel. There  are tiny black spots of carbon and the white ash of magnesium oxide in it.

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