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Preparation of Hydrogen, Chemistry Experiment

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Preparation Of Hydrogen


dry battery, dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid , water tank, film case, test tube (2), match and nippers


  1. The hole is made for the cap of the film case
  2. The zinc plate is cut small by nippers. 

Diagram 1

  1. The zinc plate and the dilute hydrochloric acid are put in the film case and cap it.
  2. If the vinegar is used for the replacement of the dilute hydrochloric acid or diluted sulphuric acid, the hydrogen is produced slowly.
  3. The film case is put in the water tank.The produced hydrogen is collected in the test tube by the water substitution.The mouth of the test tube is caped by using the thumb.
  4. The match's fire is brought close to the mouth of the test tube, the thumb is opened, and the reaction is seen.
  5. The reaction when half air is put in the test tube is examined, too.



Why the difference of two reactions happens is discussed about.

Diagram 2

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