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Stimulus and responses Responding time of person | Biology Experiment

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Stimulus and responses Responding time of person

Level Elementary


It takes time that a person makes a response when he or she gets a stimulus. The students can study it by this experiment and think the reason.   
This experience is the best for the study of the
nervous system works.   

Experiment 1

30cm scale

(1) A and B two persons make a couple.
B holds a measure scale, and A places his or her fingers at the place of 0 scales of the measure.
A can not touch the scale.
(2)B suddenly releases the scale and then A  tries to pick up the measure as quick as possible.

Rough time of taking place of the reaction can refer to the table below.

Distance of measure drops (cm)    10    15    20     25    30  

Time required to fall (second)    0.14   0.17   0.20   0.23   0.25

In this case, the nervous system works as following.
eye → sensory nerve → cerebrum → spinal cord  → motor nerve → hand muscle

If B makes to call "Yes" when B releases the scale, it becomes a route from the ear.
And the tip of a finger of A is touched to the measure from the beginning. The route from the skin will be examined.

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