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Best Inventions of 2013 بہترین ایجادات (Urdu)

In this article we will discuss about best invention of 2013 and listed by Time magazine, 25 inventions, innovation and discoveries written in this article,and published in urdu by Nadeem Subhan in express news.

These Inventions are

1. Driverless toy car. 2. Gravity lightbox  3. Alcoholic coffee 4. Sony's smart lens 5. The Cronut 6. The Mission - 7. The Plus Pool 8. The Oculus Rift  0. The invisible skyscraper - 11. The 3Doodler - 12. Volvo's solar pavilion 13. Artificial 14. The Amplituhedro  15. Nest protect smoke alarm - 16. A new atomic clock 17. The Gravitylight18. SpaceShipTwo 19. The gastric-brooding frog 20. The Atlas robot 21. The Argus II 22. The X-47B drone 23. Waterless fracking  24. The artificial pancreas  25. Rewalk


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