Fun Science Summer Camp 2015 for Kid Scientist

2015 Fun Science Summer vacation  Camp for Kid Scientist

The purpose of our summer science camp is to promote scientific learning and to teach the scientific method.We have chosen the summer camp mainly due to the fact that children are free in the summer vacations and can indulge completely in this light and fun activity of learning. Also parents will be very proud by watching their child grasping the actual working of the scientific theory they study at school and these activities are done to take the understanding of the child to a new height.

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Projects Outline

  • Introduction about Pakistan Science Club,  safety precautions, tool use

Fun science activities . (Science Magic)


  • Does fire need air to burning.
  • Spinning Eggs
  • Where is your center of gravity?
  • Sound rings.
  • Tornado in bottle.
  • What color is white
  • What does a prism do to light?

Project Competition:

  • Robot car race
  • Building bridge competition
  • Water rocket competition.
  • Egg dropping competition.

Science field trip

Final ceremony


CD hover craft:

we will teach you how to convert your waist and homemade materials in useful and gadgets. Like balloon, compact disk in to CD hover craft.

DC motor:

How the toy cars work? What energy thus uses?  They simple use DC motor which convert electrical energy of your battery cell into mechanical energy for your toy cars. In our science camp you will learn how to make a simple DC motor for your toy cars.


Some materials are naturally magnets while some can be electrically magnetized called as “Electromagnets”. Electromagnets are the temporary magnets used in the different machines. Make non-magnets as powerful magnets and explore the science behind it.


Look the sky. It’s more beyond you can see with your eyes. Make your own telescope and be the young astronomer. Observe the mysteries of the sky and have a great look much near to you.


Fast and furious:

Become a junior engineer and design speedy motion machines. Create model cars, boats, and planes using rubber bands, soap, and other unexpected items. Discover the best way to protect your passengers from car-crunching crashes and test ideas in our egg drop. Rule the road as you build and test a model racecar.

 Egg dropping competition:

You drop an “EGG” from height and it is not broken? Not even a single crack? How it’s possible? It’s not a miracle. It’s just a simple scientific research to save that. It is all can save egg even when it falls.

Building bridge competition:

Build beyond your imagination! Use surprising things to construct amazing creations. Discover which shapes make the strongest structures. Try your hand at building bridges, and have fun demolishing some of your structures as you learn how architects make buildings strong.


Build gadgets

Build a battery cell from fruit! Make a robot!  
Make fuel from waste. secret message with invisible ink Cook food using a solar cooker

Generate electricity from wind.


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